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Master Brandenzo von Leming
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I'm the person you love to hate because I'm the one you'd hate to love. It's simple, really; all that is simply is not, and all that is not shall soon be. Some call this insanity; I call it ingenuity. It's not hard to keep up, is it? I hope not, lest my other works confuse you to no end.
Recently, my family and I have begun wakeboarding and water-tubing more often due to our new lakefront property out in Barstow, CA. Privately owned man-made lake with awesome neighbors and terrific friends. Only those who are lucky can be good enough to have a house out there, and the lake is a godsend to the heat of the high desert.

My left elbow is presently in recovery-mode. Sunday was the day my brother and I tried to dual-board on the water. He got the wakeboard. I got the kneeboard. For those who don't know, a kneeboard requires that you float on a board on your stomach until you have some momentum from the boat, then you pull yourself forward and seat your knees into the protective rubber padding atop the board. Well, the lake was rather busy, and there were more than the maximum number of permitted vehicles on the lake at one time. As a result, I couldn't pull myself up; the water was far too choppy, and if I were to yank up into the housing on the water, I'd offset the balance on the board and promptly do a faceplant into the lake. I had it happen once this weekend by fluke. Not fun having water shoved into orifices water was never meant to see. Today, since most everyone went home, we tried again, and since bro doesn't know how to kneeboard (or have the leg resistance I do), I took it again. This time, I wiped out in a corner on the outside, on the "whip" and his wakeboard keel (the little rudder-like thing on the bottom) smacked into my arm and probably bruised a bone or a tendon. Not sure which; the arm doesn't like to bend very far or lift anything remotely heavy.

So I'm in recovery. Pretty sure I discussed my break-up last update, and since then I found and lost another. It's not a big tragedy to me; I've known the girl for five years and after a two-week trial run, we kinda decided that we'd wait. Long-distance isn't exactly easy to do, even with the internet and technology today, so I guess I'll hold off on that for a bit and focus more on my studies and my own personal benefits and pleasures.

Now, about my gallery....I've been doing a great deal of writing lately. I have two stories in the making, one of which is being reviewed by my lovely beta from Florida. She's been a wonderful young lady to work with and I'm thrilled to know I found someone who could appreciate my written works with the same fervor as I appreciate others'. Nothing date-related going on there; she's strictly my beta, and while she's awesome at it I don't want our friendship to progress any further, and she and her boyfriend both agree. She is only the beta for one of the works, as I'm doing my own proofreading and back-feeding on my more recent work. As of now, the newest work has yet to have a first chapter completed and sits at more than 8'000 words in length. My other story with a dedicated beta is at nine chapters and has reached a length of almost 70'000 words (if I remember correctly; each chapter has a minimum 5'000 words but is often near double that length). One chapter, the eighth, is the longest I've ever written, clocking in at 12'500 words. Staggering. But I just felt the need to keep writing.

Nothing new song-wise. Nothing new Guitar Hero wise either, though I've fretted a few new charts and I'm playtesting them on my hacked Wii disc. Umm...This Friday should be interesting; a group of my friends are coming over to stay the night (mixed-gender all-night event) for Amnesia Night. Amnesia: The Dark Descent is the absolute scariest videogame to ever be created EVER and I've recently purchased the phenomenal product (after playing through the demo). However, I've decided to forego playing the actual game in lieu of waiting for Friday night. Everyone will be hyped up on Monster or coffee (or similar caffeinated product) and will probably get the shit scared out of them. And yes, the game will be going all night long, even if we have to replay it and find other horrors waiting in the dark. So, if any locals hear high-pitched screaming and yelling coming from a darkened house this Friday night, you know who to confront. I hope to get a screen-cap of the entire playthrough as it happens, along with a webcam shot of all of us on the couch while we scream and cry. The video should be broken into pieces and put on YouTube or Facebook as I see fit, and I think it'll be interesting to see what the replies are and what we all have to say about the game as it happens.

That's all I can think of for now. I'm off to eat dinner, then write up a short paper for Psychology (and double-check my other classes and their homework). Ciao!
  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: Cigaro - System of a Down
  • Reading: Chapter 1 of my unnamed fic
  • Watching: Amnesia Game Reactions (without spoilers)
  • Playing: Cities in Motion/GTA IV
  • Eating: Whatever the hell mom has for dinner
  • Drinking: Mmm, alcohol....

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